Essence Is Among Special Offer

A key aspect of the game of is its special offer. A “Sale” button is visible on the main game window’s right. This has a timer that shows the amount of till the present offer is valid. On clicking this button a player can see the special offer pane. The game has various special offers. In addition, essence is a special offer. Special Offer

The game has four special offers. They are:
  1. Unlimited Premium
  2. Essence
  3. Second life
  4. Set of skins
Following the first special offer the subsequent arbitrary one of those at hand commences once daily at arbitrary time. Every single special offer is valid for 2 hours. Essence has some new features. They’re premium, essence and more. The goal of the player playing it is to gather the maximum number of points, for enlarging his/her snake and for reaching a higher league. He/she can also have an edge over other players by gathering boxes with diverse skill traits present in the game map. Below is an explanation of essence, which is a special offer. This game presents 6 diverse packages offering a variable quantity of essence based on their cost. Moreover, several of such packages are discounted currently.
There’re 7 added skills that a player can purchase from market. Besides, if you procure the game essence, you can acquire extra skills sooner. A player can see the game’s essence page after he/she gets registered. There’re three payment options for a player and they are credit cart, PayPal, and other selection. A player can certainly have such essences without having to pay cash. However, these techniques are founded on:
  • Level system
  • Taking the life of other game snakes and
  • Gathering of points
The greater essence implies that a player can be sturdier. A player is also going to get the chance of taking part in the leagues that are higher by amassing numerous points.

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