How to Fix Lag?

First of all, has been increasing its popularity day by day because many players think this game is more enjoyable than With the number of players in the servers increasing, players sometimes encounter lag problems. Nowadays, a lot of players are searching how to fix lag when they are playing the game. In this article, we will describe you how to solve this problem easily.

Ways to fix Lag

1- You should disable your antivirus such as Avast, Norton etc. Generally, these antivirus software use your cpu and ram limits intensively. If you switch off antivirus software, your browser will work more smoothly.

2- You should open a new incognito windows to decrease old data usage. In addition, you can use Google Chrome or Firefox web-browsers to play without lag. ‘Private Browsing’ (CTRL + SHIFT + N). When you are using with incognito window, the browser will not save your playing and other searching history in the web.


3- You should disable or delete your VPN extensions to fix lag. In these days, many people are using VPN services to attain some information or change their location of IP adress. VPN leads to increase delay rate in your internet connection because they provide may another connection point and your data is coming from far away.

4- You should give high priority rate to your web browser to fix lag. Hence, we have showed high priority for Google Chrome in this picture. Also, it is a common way to increase your web-browser’s performance readily. You need to open task manager and find your correct web-browser to right click. You will see to set priority and set high priority for your current web-browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and so on.

5- You need to clear your web browser history and cache to fix lag because some internet pages provide bad caches.
(Hint) How to clear my history?
1)Open your browser
2)Go to settings
3)Clear Cache
4)Clear History
5)Restart Browserclear-cache-wormaxio
6- You can change your web-browser between Google Chrome and Firefox because they are presenting better performance compared to other browsers.


In conclusion, we hope that these solutions almost solve your lag problem with ease. However, the most significant features are your internet connection and cpu.

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