Aimbot 2020

Krunker io aimbot is a type of the hack that enables the player slay other enemies easily. aimbot 2020 is a new version of the aimbot for krunkerio game. Make your game fun to play now.

What is Aimbot? aimbot 2020 is a script or hack that helps to kill enemies faster. It is a simple and easy way to play the first person shooter game as the main aim is to target and kill the enemies. Although, the speed feature of the hack would not work properly on a slow internet connection. All that is required to make use of this is having a Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey browser.

Features of Aimbot

No Recoil, No Reload, Firebot, Auto Reload, No Fire Limit, Auto Aim, Speed Hack, Fast Healing, Player Tracer, ESP Line Colour, ESP Text Colour, Show FPS, Auto Weapon Swap, Aim Through walls, Bunny Hop, Zoom Range for Weapons, Scope Range for Weapons, Player ESP and Custom Aim Settings are all the features of aimbot. aimbot 2019

How to Install the Aimbot for My Game?

Been easy and straightforward to install, one has to first download the Tampermonkey application for the preferred browser and then download the aimbot script for the game. The Tampermonkey would routinely launch the aimbot 2020 for the player. On entering or playing the game, the aimbot script would load and start automatically but, the player has to eventually set the aimbot settings personally. In order to make use of the aimbot script, the player has to press the hacks key found at the top right of the screen which would take you to the aimbot for cheat settings page where one can make custom settings or changes by activating or deactivating the cheats.
Fast Keys
  • 1: Change Auto Aim Mode (to use auto aim, players should disable auto fire feature)
  • 2: Auto Bhop
  • 3: Auto Reload
  • 4: No Recoil
  • 5: Aim Delta
  • 6: Burst Shock
  • 7: Force Scope
  • 8: No Death Delay
  • 9: Super Gun
  • 0: Spin Bot Aimbot 2019 (needs tampermonkey or others below)
You must have 
VirusTotal Scan: Aimbot 2020
You have to delete other aimbot scripts!
Version Updated: 2020

How to Make Use of the Aimbot for

Upon activating aimbot 2020, the player could make use of the zoom range and weapon range to decide a good distance limit when firing routinely. It is therefore recommended to make use of the auto reload feature than the no reload function as it works better and the no fire limit feature is better to be used in custom games server. One can make use of the player ESP to change the colour of the player tracers according to ones preferences. Selecting black or darker colours will allow the player see the information and position of the enemies thus giving a better result.

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