Best Class is a simple counter strike game played through web page. There are 8 different classes in the game. Players can freely select each game class. Each class’s exterior appearance and features are different. The selection of best class depends on players gaming style.
If you want to change your class before starting the game, you should press the loadout button. You will then be able to change the options for your character. In this section you can change the class, primary weapon, secondary weapon, hat, back and spray. Best Class Triggerman: Your player will wear the suit. Your first weapon will be Assault Rifle and Pistol will be your second weapon. Assault Rifle gun can fire up to 30 bullets and then you must reload. Hunter: The class wears a jacket and a cowboy hat. This character uses Sniper Rifle and Pistol. The special feature of sniper rifle is capable of shooting by zooming. The gun’s bullets are very strong and are suitable for headshot. Sniper Rifle rifle can fire up to 3 bullets, but automatic firing is slightly slower than other weapons. best class Run n Gun: This class wears blue outfit. Submachine Gun is very strong and does not make too much of a wreck. Run n Gun has no pistol option so you must fight with a single rifle. Submachine Gun can fire up to 24 bullets and then you will need to reload. Spray n Pray: It wears a green coat. This character uses the Light Machine Gun and cannot use the secondary weapon. The gun of this character fires quite slowly and its capacity is 100 bullets. Vince: The class uses Shotgun and can use pistol as secondary weapon. The Shotgun has 2 bullets, but it does damage quite effectively. Detective: It is one of the most difficult class to play in the game because Revolver is rather weak and slow. Revolver supports automatic firing up to 6 bullets. This character wears brown coats and hats. Marksman: The class wears green jacket and uses Semi Auto Rifle which is a weapon with a zoom feature like a Sniper Rifle. It can fire up to 6 bullets automatically but does not damage like the sniper. Rocketeer: This character has a bazooka weapon as its name suggests. With this weapon, your target enemy can be killed in one shot, but this weapon has 1 bullet, you must reload it after firing. This class uses the pistol as the secondary weapon.
The resulf of best class changes player to player because each player’s playing style is different. However, according to the characteristics of class, best class will be Hunter.

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