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Picture this: the world as you know it is finally coming to an end – and you are the only remaining survivor in this zombie-infested setting. What would you do? Would you run and find shelter? Or will you grab all available resources or weapons and fight back? You need to survive – and this is exactly what Last Day on Earth: Survival is all about!

About Last Day on Earth: Survival

In this, you only have one goal: to survive. And it is definitely not easy, especially since you are in a hostile environment. You have to build up your base, collect resources, gather weapons, and fend off invaders (be it the undead or alive).

You will spawn on a plot of land that will serve as your home base. Initially, it will have a selection of basic resources, such as stone, wood, berries, a little iron deposits, and a few zombies/wolves/deer. Sooner or later, your food and water supplies are starting to drop pretty quickly. While you definitely need to worry about it, your first goal is to stay alive; hence, you must collect food to fend off starvation. Later you will have to expand the area so you can place useful buildings (e.g. campfire, melting furnace, small boxes, etc.)

Fortifying Your Position

With tools in hand and a few levels under your belt, the next move is to make roughing it a little less rough. The Casual Backpack, Garden Bed, Raincatcher, and a small house (big enough for a Small Box or two and some space for later additions) are next on the list.
You also want to secure your base in a full wrap-around with a door. The magical sanctity of “home base” is apparently only beatable with C4, keeping most of your belongings safe in case of invasion or light zombie attacks.

Fighting Off Zombies

This is the real deal. Every second in this game is crucial and every advantage matters. Zombies are all around you, and you will never know when they are coming. Your best course of action is to prepare and make all of your weapons available at hand. Fighting off a wave of zombies is just the start. In the long run, you will have to kill a deluge more in order to gather resources, secure a location, and just escape a deadly situation.

Learn more about the basics of the game in this extensive Last Day on Earth: Survival FAQ, including some tips and tricks to up your game.

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