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Bishop Character Job: Bishop Skills Guide

You’ve chosen the Bishop vocation! The Bishop’s powers are mysterious, mystical and largely unseen to the human eye. Save for the wand you’re carrying, you look fragile on the outside. But they have no idea about the magic that is brewing in your soul! This character job/vocation is sacred, communal and omniscient to a certain extent. Get ready your wands (have you got the right one?) and be ready to take on the MapleStory M world! In this MapleStory M Guide for Bishops, we’ll help guide you through which weapons to keep vs the weapons you should sell away. The armor you should be wearing vs the armor you can discard. What powers to keep and which to let go! It’s not easy being a Bishop, but we hope it’ll be easier for you this way!

Which wand should I use?

There are four types of Wands you can acquire as a Bishop.
  1. Briser Wand
  2. Eligos Bloody Wand
  3. Jaihin Wand – This one is the best for the long run
  4. Utgard Wand

BriserBoss ATK %00.3%0.9%1.8%4.6%9.8%
BloodyCrit Rate %00.4%1.2%2.5%4.2%8.2%
JaihinCrit DMG %02.6%7.8%15.6%26%54%
UtgardEXP inc %00.2%0.6%1.3%2.2%N.A for now

Best Weapon Base Stats


Outfit, Hat, Shoes, Gloves

Which Outfit, Hat, Shoes, and Gloves should I use? This table compiles the perfect max base stats items. When you find them, don’t throw em away! You can sell them for a hefty price. Keep a lookout for these items!

Outfits available for Bishop? Four outfit sets:

Eclectic armor set
HatBoss ATK inc %00.2%0.4%
Eclectic Myst BlueCrit ATK51531
GlovesCrit ATK82550
Eclectic Cabatina (Shoes)Crit ATK51531

Muspell armor set
Muspell Magician HatCrit DMG %0.3%0.9%2%
ChestMP Recovery inc001
Musepell Magician GlovesACC56169339
Muspell Magician ShoesHP Recovery Inc4

Grand/Vepar armor set
HatCrit ATK51531
Grand Eligos GauntletCrit DMG %0.3%0.9%1.9%

Pensalir armor set
Mage Sallet (Hat)EXP inc %00.1%0.2%0.5%
ChestEXP inc %00.1%0.2%0.5%
Pensalir Mage GlovesEXP inc %00.1%0.2%0.7%
Pensalir Mage BootsEXP inc %00.1%0.2%0.5%

What are the skills?

The general rule of thumb is to maxmize all your passives first, followed by the buffs and then the actives. The ones we’ve bolded in purple are the powers you ought to keep from Level 100 onwards!
Level 0-29: Energy Bolt, Teleport | Magic Guard | Magic Armor, MP Increase
Level 30-59: Holy Arrow, Heal | Bless, Magic Booster | MP Eater, Invincible, Spell Mastery, Blessed Ensemble
Level 60-99: Dispel, Shining Ray, Holy Fountain | Holy Symbol, Holy Magic Shell, Teleport Mastery, Divine Protection | Holy Focus, Arcane Overdrive
Level 100-150: Big Bang, Bahamut, Resurrection, Genesis, Angel Ray| Advanced Blessing, Infinity | Buff Mastery, Arcane Aim, Blessed Harmony
Light purple: Make sure all your Passives and Buffs are full.
For Active skills, maximize your Angel Ray, Heal, and Genesis – but only after you’ve maxed your passive and buffs.

What’s the Bahamut for?

A popular question in the forums is, “What’s the Bahamut for?” indeed. It doesn’t seem to be very impressive at first glance, though it is huge. It flutters about, seemingly behaving like another one of your pets. What is the Bahamut and what can it do?! Firstly, it cannot be used during auto-battles. He costs a hefty amount of MP, so you don’t want to be fooling around with this one!

LevelMP CostCooldownTargetAttack TypeTarget CountHit CountDuration

After looking at this table, we reckon the Bahamut isn’t that almighty, after all… not on its own. Think of the Bahamut as an Assist. In soccer, you can assist your friends by passing them the ball so they can get a clear shot into the net, right? That’s the role of the Bahamut here. He doesn’t take any of the limelight – he attacks multiple enemies and WEAKENS them to Holy attacks. He passes to you, you score! We don’t recommend really using the Bahamut unless you’re in a much higher level, say, 120 and above.

What are Scissor Cuts?

Items usually come with a Scissor Cut number of 10. What does it mean? Scissor Cuts get reduced when you trade it with someone. So, if it’s untradeable, you won’t have scissor cuts listed on it. Mystery of the Scissor Cuts solved!

We hope our MapleStory M Guide is helpful for you! Ready, get set, wand!
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