Mobile Legends 2020: Will It Still Be Relevant?

Now with Riot Games announcing League of Legends: Wild Rift coming to mobile and consoles in the following year, a lot of players predict Mobile Legends in 2020 will die down significantly. While the new League game will definitely put a hard dent over Mobile Legends 2020, it won’t mean the game will die. In fact, there are still millions of players on a regular basis. However, once League of Legends Wild Rift comes out, expect a huge exodus of Mobile Legend players flocking to Rito’s latest entry. Should Mobile Legend players fear the inevitable? No, I’d say just enjoy the game if you still do. Here are some reasons why it will still be relevant in 2020:

Consistent Player Count

Due to the easy access of handheld devices, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang still remains as one of the most played phone/tablet games of all time. In fact, it has already defeated Clash of Clans in terms of player count and is now in par with PUBGM and CoDM players. Vainglory and Arena of Valor may arguably be better than Mobile Legends in terms of graphics and gameplay but there’s no denying that Mobile Legends still appeals more to the casual masses.

Very Casual Gameplay

Sure, it’s competitive but it’s the simplified kind of repetitive. Comparing it to League of Legends is like comparing McDonald’s to Culver’s; the former feels cheap and simple but it fills you up, yet the latter has more quality with complexity. I’m not saying League is very complex – since it is still more dumbed down versus DotA 2 – but when you put it side by side with Mobile Legends in 2020, you’ll see a large gap in terms of the learning curve. Unless there will be a big change in Mobile Legends 2020.
Mobile Legends got its fame from its over-simplified controls and mechanics: no last-hitting minions, on-the-go item purchasing, auto-aiming global skills and little to no meta. But with League of Legends, it has its own textbook that you must learn over time. Know who’s who at Top, Mid, Bottom and Jungle, kids.

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Mobile Legends is More Performance-Friendly

If you’re still using an old phone from 5 to 7 years ago, you can still play Mobile Legend smoothly even by 2020. This is because they use fewer resources in order to make the game accessible even to redundant smartphones and tablets. League will use the same tech from the PC counterpart but with slightly lesser resources. For that, you will need a moderately good phone to run that.
Fortunately, even if League will come, we at will still provide both games for you! For now, get to download Mobile Legends Bang Bang on the PC.

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