Team Mode Guide is a colorful and 2-dimensional fun animal game. You must survive and reach having stronger animals by leveling up in the nutrition chain. In, you must first press the settings button to open game mod section. After pressing the button, you must select the team mode server. After that, you are born on the map of the game. Team Mode

When you start the game, you should choose one of the 3 animals which are mouse, shrimp and chipmunk. In the game everyone is automatically selected teams. Different teams in the game are fighting each other. When you start the team mode, you become a member of 3 different teams. Usually the suit colors are purple, blue and yellow. Members of the entire team must work in coordination and destroy enemy teams.
The game map is available at the top right of the game screen. With the help of this map you can see the location of your teammates and enemies. So you can quickly enter competition mode in the game. When competition increases, you will be more likely to gain experience points. team mode

The team score symbol in the top left corner of the game shows how many points the team has. This indicator shows which team is stronger.
  1. Teammates can not reduce other’s xp, so there is no downgrading.
  2. Teammates can not stun themselves.
  3. Chat visibility is only for teammates. Competition in Team Mode

There are multiple categories of animals in These categories are Land, Ocean, Arctic, Poison, Bird, Jurassic and Desert. You must increase your level of experience to level up. The experience bar is a sign that shows how long you have been skipped. Thus, you need to check the experience bar. When you collect enough level points, you skip the level and your animal gets stronger.
You can help your team more when your pet gets stronger. You must attack the animals on the enemy team and kill them. If enemies try to kill one of your teams, you must protect your teammate because when the people in the team die, the enemies on the other side are getting stronger.
As the level progresses, you can move to different classes of animals and easily explore the entire game world.

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