Bot Hack, Bot Cheat Updated Version 0.5.0, as a game, has to do with making the snake of yours consume coloured dots for getting more and more big, till you’ve grown to be the greatest snake in the planet. Additional players are going to fight it out on the identical combat arena as you and could even attempt taking your life. In the event of you hitting a different snake, regardless the amount by which its smaller compared to you you’re going to die. Rather, you would attempt to get any snake to collide with you before gobbling up all the dots that it spews on dying.
How To Boost?
All that you require doing is tapping on top of the display a couple of times for commencing boosting. You are then able to cease the boost of yours by lifting of your finger. Bear in mind that can make you lose the dots that does not just make you somewhat smaller, but presents your rivals with fuel as well.

Why Is It That The Game’s Bouncing And Glitching About All Bizarre?
You are experiencing lag. In the event of you not having an excellent internet connection or a compact network link, the server of this game is not going to be successful in accurately tracking your location. The result is that you’re going to see matters stuttering about. This is likely to be rather annoying and you could be keen on giving any mod a try. The private servers of present you with several hacks of this game, instances being bots and zoom hacks. The most vital part of such a server is that it is going to do away with any lag dilemmas.
Another reason for such lag could be your internet connection. Another way of improving this is by using wi-fi and not 3G and ensuring that no additional person on the network connection of yours is downloading films/ using up the entire bandwidth.



  • Automatic Bot Controls it selfs
  • More Clever Bot.
  • He eats foods and not die easily
  • [T] You can Toggle Bot on/off
  • [U] You can debug Bot
  • [Y] You can open green stroke foods, sensor seeing.
  • [I] Automatic Respawning
  • [O] Mobile Rendering
  • [P] Hunt prey – Moving food
  • + Mouse Whell zoom in/zoom out
  • + X-Y Coordinates
You must have one of the 3 plug-ins below depending on your browser



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