Fine Hacks Mod Updated To Version 3.1

In the game of size is not an issue.  However, a very vital matter to change in the game is your skin. Ensure that you appear cooler compared to additional snakes about and fashion your individual skin. This game presents players with the chance of changing skins by simple sharing of the game on the social media profile of yours that include Facebook or Twitter.
With simply some clicks you’re set to alter your skin in this game. Below is a step by step guideline showing you the way of changing skins in this game.

Steps Involved In Changing Of Your Skin

The first act on your part is going to the game and waiting till the main menu appears. For changing the skin in the game, you must share this game on the Facebook or Twitter social media profile of yours. The buttons for sharing are placed at the right corner of the bottom of the screen.
However, what would you do in the event of you not having a Facebook or Twitter account? The fact is that there’s a simple trick on bypassing this sharing procedure. Simply make a click on top of the sharing buttons and on getting thrown to Twitter /Facebook you simply require returning to this game. The option for changing skin is going to emerge.
At this time, you can make a click on top of the button at the left corner of the bottom labelled “Change Skin.” Once there, you’ve the option of swapping through diverse skin presets of the one and taking the one you prefer. The game presents you with 56 exclusive skins for picking from. You’ll even find skins dedicated to eminent Youtubers jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, Kwebbelkop, and more.

Creating Your Individual Skins In

If you are not satisfied with what is at hand and you are keen on having additional customizing options you must set up the mod. Browser extensions present you with numerous added options in this io game and you get a grand snake skin customizer. The great plus point of such an extension is that you’re in total charge of the skin customizer that include dimensions, color, shape, eye dimensions, antenna and numerous more.
  • Current Server IP Adress
  • See Snake Coordinates
  • Frame Rate
  • Your Rank
  • Bug Fixes
  • [SHIFT] – Accelerate

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