Mod Extension SlitherePlus Version 3.0

Among the most popular games, which can be played online, is one of them. The game is available for all the platforms today, and the popularity of the game is the main reason behind that. But, controlling the game is one of the biggest problems. You can use a number of input devices to control the snake within the game.
If you are new to the gaming world, controlling the snake on with the mouse pointer might be very difficult, and the problem is more intense, if you are having a very sensitive mouse. But, you can easily play the game on your computer, if you do not want to control your snake with the mouse pointer. You can easily use the keyboard to change the direction of the snake, quite easily.

Navigation Of Snake

While you play the game on any of your device, the snake will move automatically in the forward direction, and if you leave your controls, it will keep on moving in the forward direction. You can press the right arrow or the left arrow to change the direction of the snake to left or right relative to the direction of the snake, which it is facing at. Apart from using the keyboard, you can also use joystick to control the snake within

Accelerating Snake Movement

On clicking the left mouse button, the snake will accelerate towards the forward direction for some time. In order to do the same activity with the help of your keyboard, you will have to press the up arrow button on your computer. The same controls are applicable, if you want to play the game on your computer with any or the available mod, which is available. Thus, controlling the game is not difficult, if you are planning to use the keyboard.
  • Zoom in , zoom out with Mouse
  • Current Map X/Y Position
  • FPS Counter
  • Play with your friends server list
  • Background Changer
  • Glow Reducert
  • Graphic Mode Selecter (High/Medium/Low)
  • Create Your Party System
  • Clan Tags System

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