The Advantages Of Account is a 3D multiplayer shooting game. Your goal is to destroy all enemies and have the highest score. You can play the game alone or as a team. By selecting your game class, you are born in a certain place on the map and you kill enemies. Players can create a account to use more advanced weapon and customizations.
You must select your class before you start the game. After selecting your class, you can choose your primary and secondary weapons. You can customize your own character by selecting special hat and spray for your character. Account

Opening an account in the game is quite simple. You can easily open your account by setting a username and password. After opening your account you will be able to access many data about your character. These are name, clan, level, score, KR (game coin), kills, deaths, kill/death rate, games played, games won, win/lose rate and time played. account
When you have the game currency, KR, you can buy it from the socket wheels. These include Starter Spin, Elite Spin, Heroic Spin and Attire Spin. You can also have the money of the game for a fee. Once you have a account, your character can enter the leadeboard rankings. Leaderboard rankings are divided into different categories which are level, kills, wins, time, krunkies and clans. Each account holder can create his own maps with the map editor and play easily together with his friends. Servers

In the game, the server option is active for all players who have the freedom to choose the server and maps. In this game the server types are as follows: custom games, frankfurt, silicon valley, sydney, miami and signapore. If you want to open your own game room, you must select the host game option.
The custom games server is a server that contains players’ own maps. The other servers are official game servers of and are played with the official maps of is the advantage of its servers lag is less but the number of maps is limited. If you want to play on official servers, you should choose the server closest to the area you live in so that you never have any delay problems.
If account owners forget their account passwords, they can reset their passwords by sending mail to the game manager. You can use the contact form to do this. This is an easy process, but it may take some time, so we recommend that you take a note of your password.

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