The Upside Down World of Swamp Attack: 8 Strange Things

Have you ever wondered, as you play Swamp Attack, that something sinister and strange is lurking/brewing beneath the surface? And we don’t mean the swamp monster in episode 3.

Well, we have spotted some strange things about this game, and they’re pretty goofy-philosophical. Let’s see if you can spot more!

1. The fierce lookin’ crocodiles are weaker than the smaller animals, like rats and beavers, in every way.

Swamp Attack Crocodiles Game Download

They’re called Karls. All the crocodiles! That is strange enough for us. But in the upside down world of Swamp Attack, these large, fearsome-looking crocodiles are also ironically the weakest (yes, even worse than the mozzies, which can also shoot out toxic spit). The dear Karls have low HP, no guns, and are just armed with their claws, which they don’t particularly get to use because they’re usually dead by the time they reach the swamp cottage. The perplexing and funny truth is this: Bigger is not always better.

2. The turtles run faster than all the other creatures.

Swamp Attack Turtles

You’d think that being locked up in an old heavy shell for many, many years wouldn’t make one a good runner, even when one leaves the shell. Not so for these swamp turtles. When they emerge from their shells, they run like the Usain Bolt of Swamp creatures with bloodthirsty glints in their eyes. What a contrast to the sleepy and tired looking turtles you see crawling in at first. You almost don’t want to shoot them.

3. Does our main character ever leave his house?


Seeing that he doesn’t have a boat tied near his steps, we’re wondering when was the last time he actually left this swamp, even for exercise. Where does he get his groceries? Granted, there’s a shop nearby with all the gun equipment, defenses and things, but what about the convenient shops? Maybe he feeds off the swamp creatures’ carcasses! Gasp! Could that be why he has got a hunting shotgun… and lots of fridges for possible storage…?

4. These swamp creatures are helluva smart

Swamp Attack Smart Creatures
Save for the horde of crocodiles called Karl, the swamp creatures seem to be really quite clever. Take the log surfing raccoons, for example. Trying to maneuver a dynamite log with a rowing stick is no laughing matter. And when did rats learn how to stand on two feet, much less shoot? Most of us can’t even work a chainsaw, and a group of beavers is revving and ready to go! These creatures have got top gear weapons, and our main character is stuck with a shotgun, some lousy wooden barricades, and a rotting roof? These creatures might as well begin building an empire already.

5. Rubber ducks and presents popping up every now and then

Swamp Attack Rubber Ducks
Seems like the swamp has a life of its own. It looks as though it is also on our side, especially when it swallows things and regurgitates them back up whenever we need awesome presents and coins. We think it might be the government, sending us secret help through an underground tunnel in the swamp – they’re probably afraid to get infected by whatever seems to be infecting the creatures here.

6. Which leads us to our next point: Is our main character infected?

Swamp Attack Main Characters

Considering the radiation has been spreading throughout the swamp for some time already, why hasn’t our main character turned into some strange superhero yet? Or is he immune? If it has been a few years, when why is he still healthy and an excellent shooter? The only thing that seems to be changing about him is his size and moustache!

7. He’s so cool he doesn’t even need to stand up to fight back

It’s like a PC Game for our main character. Look at the photo for point 6. While his fellow shooter is right smack at the foot of the steps, waist deep in highly toxic swamp water, he is chillin’ on the rocking chair. It’s a rocking chair that’s located incredibly close to the steps. Has he absolutely no fear? He must be the most chillax protector ever!

8. Finally, does he honestly think that this house is worth protecting? Why live here, anyway?

Swamp Attack 2018 Game Play

Unless it’s some century-old heirloom house, we feel he should leave this dump ASAP.

A rotting wooden house entirely covered in moss, located in the worst possible location ever, where the skies are never clear? We #canteven.

He should just build a boat from the planks of his house and get away from everything that’s happening right now, and spend the money that he’s been saving for killer weapons, on a brand new house down a sunny street in San Francisco.

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Have you noticed anything else that is strange in this Swamp Attack world?

Share with us your thoughts!

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