Where Does Big Brother Originate From?

The term “Big Brother” was coined from the novel 1984 by George Orwell. This novel is known to tackle dystopian society but the idea of having a totalitarian government also put the notch to the end. According to the novel, “Big Brother” is a fictional character and the leader of Oceania, a totalitarian state. The ruling party, Ingsoc, wields total power over its citizens and claim it’s for “their good”.

This is a clever way of putting a classic literary piece and a modern activity in a game. By doing this, the developer creates more depth and meaning to the game. The makers of Vector skillfully combine the elements of a classic novel into one futuristic and action-packed game that is now being enjoyed by millions of players around the world. Jump and backflip your way to freedom with the endless-running game that is made for adventurous players. Don’t let Big Brother catch you because that will be your end.

What an interesting game indeed! Discover more of what lies ahead in this game! Don’t forget to download Vector to your PC for loads of non-stop running fun! If you want to know more about the storyline, you can read our article about the Vector plot.

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